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When DIY Design Humbles You

So I had a brilliant idea that I had not seen done before when searching for feature wall ideas for my guest bedroom to craft room make over – I’ll do a labrynth!  So after many, many hours of taping I rushed to get it done, but thankfully I know it’s all about progress not perfection in life that teaches us the best lessons.

First off, it is very important to give a good overlap between pieces of tape to help avoid bleeding.  Second you should make sure that your spacing is equal to the width of your tape, I forgot to do that until I was too far to turn back. Third, don’t have too much paint on your roller to start with, I actually used so much it made my tape pucker.  Fourth, ALLOW for at at least three hours for each coat of paint to dry and at least five before pulling up the tape.  Lastly if cutting the tape on the wall be very careful not to cut too deep into your wall or you may pull up the top layer with your tape.

Most people would avoid this type of design knowing it would take a crazy amount of work to complete, but I got overconfident with my son’s Lego wall – FYI that was hard, but this was so much worse!  With that project I barely had to do any corrective touch ups, but this one will take me days…

 I’m not going to let that stop me, I’m just going to go slow and steady a few hours at a time until I have touched it up to be perfect and will remember to be more humbled in the future to take more care if I take on something like this again!

Six months from now when I have fixed all the bleed through I will update this post with the final finish!  For now I am content getting to work on my next big crafting projects in my newly organized space.  Happy crafting everyone! 

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Crafting Space Make Over

I recently decided to make over my son’s old nursery turned guest room into my crafting room.  I love feature walls and enjoy decorating as much as I love to make crafts.  

I decided that despite the amount of time and hard work a design like this would take, I chose to do it anyway because it’s going to look great once completed.
Once all of the taping is complete I am going to paint it a beautiful Tiffany blue color with red accents. I’m only halfway complete and it’s already taken me 10 hours or more to get this far.

I’ll post more pictures once the painting is complete!

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🌊 Deep Sea Dividing 🌊

I’m always interested in finding ways to challenge my son and recently reached out to my site and asked if I would be interested in sharing some of their content which I happily agreed to after checking our their website.  Their site looks fun and educational.

I’ve attached an example worksheet and answer key from their division worksheets.  With this themed division worksheet your child can imagine they’re deep sea diving while learning too!

With these worksheets you can access by following the link below they can use their imagination and learn!

Your child can play games and learn! Check out the huge collection of other division resources from!

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Halloween Birthday Cupcakes

My birthday is Halloween and this year I decided it would be great fun to bake and decorate some cupcakes with my 4 year old son that is still in disbelief that I am actually cool enough to be born on Halloween! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

We used a chocolate boxed cake and some cream cheese frosting that we colored green with gel food coloring, added peeps, candy corn pumkins, and witches hats that came with the cupcake liners from the dollar store.

Simple, easy, and great fun.  Probably my favorite birthday present this year was just spending time with him and decorating these together.

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It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween! This year we chose to do It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for our Trunk or Treat theme.  It was super easy and cheap! 😁

I was able to get two large pieces of cardboard from a bathroom renovation project at work to spray paint for the sky and grass areas.  I hand drew cardboard cutouts made on a large sheet of craft board from the dollar store and painted them with acrylic paint that I had on hand.

The Snoopy pumpkin was made by spray painting a tall skinny pumpkin and a butternut squash white.  The scarf was made by cutting up an old red sweatshirt and his nose was fashioned out of black modeling clay.  I used real and fake pumpkins purchased at the dollar store.  

The trick or treating ghost kids were made from round plastic table cloths purchased at the dollar store with eye holes drawn on with a Sharpie.  I made the witch mask from green, white, and black felt.  I used cotton batting and rolled the nose, securing it with hot glue.  The witch hat was also purchased at the dollar store.

We stood the ghosts up by using 5 gallon water jugs with wooden dowels in the middle with duct tape.  For the heads I used some paper mache balloons and a styrofoam craft head I had left over from other projects.  I put white modeling clay at the bottom of the table cloths to prevent them from blowing off in the wind.

It was qiuck, easy, and lots of fun to make! 

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This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone only 23 more days until the fun begins! I made this Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin diaroma for a contest at my son’s school. First prize is discounted tuition of $150.00 and 2nd is $100.00.  My fingers are crossed for a win!

This was made from a hallow carvable craft pumpkin, sculpy modeling clay, air dying clay, acrylic paint, etc.

UPDATE:  The results are in and I’m proud to report that this bad boy tied for 1st place in the contest!  Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make one for yourself! 🎃😁

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DIY Fairy House “Water Globes” Made from Wine Bottles 

I broke one of my water globes recently and I am terrible about watering my potted plants. I saw an old wine bottle and tested it to see if it could do the same thing abd voila an idea was born.

I’ve been really into sculting and I love fairy gardens, so I thought what a great way to disguise the bottle for it’s new use.  This isn’t a tutorial,  but I’ll list the materials that I used to make this.

  • Wine bottle 
  • Modeling Clay (sculpey)
  • Modeling Clay Tools for adding texture/shape
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Glow in the dark paint

I painted the windows and underside of the mushrooms with glow in the dark paint so it will light up in the dark.