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Tick Tock the Piñata Build: Part 4

So after much contemplation I have shifted the direction of my dear friend Tick Tock and have gone with this head.  I jumped down the Pinterest rabbit hole one more time to see how others sculpted more difficult paper mache sculptures and the answer is this – or so I think. 

His body should be much simpler than this head, but we’ll see…I am still completely nervous about this project.  However,  if it turns out great then this will surely lend help to someone else’s creative process since Pinterest shows many amazing piñatas without tutorials for the more difficult or extravagant ones.

I’m off to work on my dear friend some more, so please continue to stop by and check out my progress!  

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How to Create Your Own Pirate Ship Piñata

I am CRAZY about DIY birthday parties for children.  Just before my son turned 1 I decided that we just had to do an over the top DIY Dr. Seuss party and I was going to make the stuff all by myself.  After the first two birthday parties I had finally figured out DIY takes time to pull off your big ideas and so now that my son is finally 3 going on 33 I start planning his party almost immediately after the last one.  Next year for his 4th birthday we are planning a pirate party and of course that needed the perfect piñata! Continue reading “How to Create Your Own Pirate Ship Piñata”