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A Message in Sharing from Elf on the Shelf:  Gotta Give to Get

Today my son had a bit of rough day and finished it with good manners and listening.  Must have been the trip to meet Santa today! 😉

Today his elf, Tattle, has asked him to donate toys so he can get a good word with the big man Santa.  He told him that Santa likes children that give their old toys to children with less – Santa likes that and will ensure that they’re rewarded with an extra special gift! 

He was given the hat as a good faith offering.  My fingers are crossed in hopes that he is more willing to part with the old to make way with the new so I am not forced to do it behind his back and he learns the less to declutter.  Merry Christmas!

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Christmas in the Office

Two years ago we had a double “D” (desk decorating) challenge where myself and my co-workers had a contest to decorate our desk for a bragging rights as the prize.  My boss turned it into a whole event where we had a building Christmas party and allowed everyone to cast their votes – he even allowed our higher headquarters to vote via email! 

In this challenge I had an ugly desktop hutch that I had on the floor because it didn’t fit on my desk (we had old mismatch furniture) so I had the brilliant idea to transform it into a fireplace.

I used old boxes on each side to create the frame of my fireplace and then I used my white recycling bin paper to make the white”mortar” and red paper cut into rectangular bricks using a paper cutter and taped them on top.  I used cardboard tubes from a roll of wrapping paper to make logs for the fire and then cut different colored cardstock paper in the shape of flames and glued them to the inside.

After I was done I went to the dollar store and scored some stockings, poinsettia garland, nicknacks to give it the “lux” homey Christmas vibe and I painted a window on posterboard from the dollar store with a scene of Santa and reindeer to complete the scene.

This was a lot of fun and was nice to be the first place winner! Merry Christmas!

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Candy Cane Wreaths

My sister saw a friend from works wreath that she created out of candy canes, so she got infected by the crafting bug and said let’s do it!  We took a quick trip to the dollar store and grabbed some supplies.  They’re super cute and easy, we each are going to make one and even crafted one for my parents anniversary on the 21st.


  • Hot glue and gun
  • Wire ribbon
  • Regular ribbon
  • Ornament of your choice
  • Peppermints (optional)
  • Assorted candy cane size
  1. We started by creating hearts by hot gluing two candy canes facing inwards by the hook.
  2. Hot glue two sets together by gluing the flat sides together until you form a circle all the way around.
  3. Hot glue your ornament into the center.
  4. Cut small 1-2 inch strips of ribbon to hot glue around 2 candy canes for added stability.
  5. Create a bow at the top and a loop to hang the wreath on. 

    In the second one we used unwrapped (must spray with an acrylic sealant if being used on your door or  it will melt from condensation!) smally canes to create smaller hearts and added the peppermints to the arches of the hearts because my mom really loves bling and this just took it to next level.

    Nothing says Christmas like candy canes! Happy holidays and get crafting!

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    Elf on the Shelf Has Arrived

    I love the holidays and get especially festive Thanksgiving spending time enjoying a good meal with family.  It’s also the day before I start our Christmas season in our house.  This year after careful consideration of our elf Tattles big return, he decided to fly in on my son’s Air Patroller with a personalized story book, Elf on the Shelf jammies, and white chocolate Santa beard lollipop.

    I can’t wait to pull out the decorations tomorrow and have a pajama party with my son. This is my favorite time of year.  I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving!

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    Crafting Space Make Over

    I recently decided to make over my son’s old nursery turned guest room into my crafting room.  I love feature walls and enjoy decorating as much as I love to make crafts.  

    I decided that despite the amount of time and hard work a design like this would take, I chose to do it anyway because it’s going to look great once completed.
    Once all of the taping is complete I am going to paint it a beautiful Tiffany blue color with red accents. I’m only halfway complete and it’s already taken me 10 hours or more to get this far.

    I’ll post more pictures once the painting is complete!

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    🌊 Deep Sea Dividing 🌊

    I’m always interested in finding ways to challenge my son and recently reached out to my site and asked if I would be interested in sharing some of their content which I happily agreed to after checking our their website.  Their site looks fun and educational.

    I’ve attached an example worksheet and answer key from their division worksheets.  With this themed division worksheet your child can imagine they’re deep sea diving while learning too!

    With these worksheets you can access by following the link below they can use their imagination and learn!

    Your child can play games and learn! Check out the huge collection of other division resources from!

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    Halloween Birthday Cupcakes

    My birthday is Halloween and this year I decided it would be great fun to bake and decorate some cupcakes with my 4 year old son that is still in disbelief that I am actually cool enough to be born on Halloween! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    We used a chocolate boxed cake and some cream cheese frosting that we colored green with gel food coloring, added peeps, candy corn pumkins, and witches hats that came with the cupcake liners from the dollar store.

    Simple, easy, and great fun.  Probably my favorite birthday present this year was just spending time with him and decorating these together.