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Candy Cane Wreaths

My sister saw a friend from works wreath that she created out of candy canes, so she got infected by the crafting bug and said let’s do it!  We took a quick trip to the dollar store and grabbed some supplies.  They’re super cute and easy, we each are going to make one and even crafted one for my parents anniversary on the 21st.


  • Hot glue and gun
  • Wire ribbon
  • Regular ribbon
  • Ornament of your choice
  • Peppermints (optional)
  • Assorted candy cane size
  1. We started by creating hearts by hot gluing two candy canes facing inwards by the hook.
  2. Hot glue two sets together by gluing the flat sides together until you form a circle all the way around.
  3. Hot glue your ornament into the center.
  4. Cut small 1-2 inch strips of ribbon to hot glue around 2 candy canes for added stability.
  5. Create a bow at the top and a loop to hang the wreath on. 

    In the second one we used unwrapped (must spray with an acrylic sealant if being used on your door or  it will melt from condensation!) smally canes to create smaller hearts and added the peppermints to the arches of the hearts because my mom really loves bling and this just took it to next level.

    Nothing says Christmas like candy canes! Happy holidays and get crafting!

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    Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Stock, and Barrel on a Oogie Boogie Hill

    After re-blogging Crafts ‘n Coffee’s blog about her Halloween Polka Dot Ghost wreath it made me want to finish the one I started last year! I was so excited that I stayed up until 11 PM and then worked all morning and afternoon to complete it finally after only a mere 1o hours later! I guess I’ll do anything to avoid working on dear old Tick Tock 😎🐊!

    Materials Needed:

    • Styrofoam Ring (sold at craft stores)
    • Black Yarn
    • White Yarn
    • Foam Core Poster Board
    • Air Drying Clay
    • Floral Wire
    • Black and White Polka Dotted Wire Ribbon
    • Yellow Acrylic Paint
    • Light Yellow Acrylic Paint
    • Orange Acrylic Paint
    • White Acrylic Paint
    • Red Acrylic Paint
    • Black Acrylic Paint
    • Purple Acrylic Paint
    • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
    • X-acto Knife
    • Pencil
    • Wooden Shish Kabob Skewers
    • EZ Bow Maker
    1. Wrap in alternating colors of black in white in 2-3 inch strips until your Styrofoam Ring in completely covered.  Start and finish each strand with a dab of hot glue smoothed out so it’s unnoticeable.
    2. On the foam core board trace your wreath so you can cut out the swirled hill for your background using your X-acto Knife.
    3. Place hill silhouette on top of foam core board to draw a moon for the background.
    4. Peel both sides of the paper off of the foam core board hill and moon.
    5. Paint the swirled hill using the black paint.
    6. Paint the moon starting with the yellow paint, using a blow dryer to dry slightly and then layering in a light brushing/blending of light yellow paint for contouring.
    7. Draw each characters mask and/or hat and body on the foam core board and cut out with your X-acto Knife.
    8. Use the air clay to coat the foam core board pieces and make them look 3D by making exaggerated noses and 3D arms and hands. (See photo gallery for examples). Make feet that you will add on afterwards with hot glue.
    9. Use your blow dryer to dry out the sculptures and then paint them.
    10. I mixed black, white, and purple paint for faces and hands.
    11. Mix black and purple with a touch of white, painting the color of her dress adding less white than for the face and hands.
    12. Paint each character according to its color scheme.
    13. Cut the Shish Kabob Skewers to the right size for the witches legs and paint black.
    14. Glue together characters and paint using its coordinating colors.
    15. Glue swirled hill onto the back of the black and white wreath.
    16. Paint “trick or treat” in black on the moon as shown in pictures.
    17. Glue moon to the back of the swirled hill.
    18. Glue each character in place.
    19. Using the EZ Bow Maker to make a wreath bow using the black and white Polka Dotted Wire Ribbon to make a bow for your wreath.

    Try this out if you love Nightmare Before Christmas too!  This looks harder than it is! Happy Halloween and remember it’s all for the love of craft!