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DIY Dollar Store “Snow-Tex”

For Christmas this year I am making my own snowman head ornaments and I need a large amount of Snow-Tex, but the cost of it being $3.99 for a meager 4 oz jar is not happening!  I decided to try my own recipe for it fresh from the dollar store – well mostly anyway.  

This product is simple, easy, and will most certainly save you money!  It’s just two simple ingredients:

  • White sand
  • White acrylic paint

Mix sand and paint until you get a thick, spreadable paste and voila!  You won’t be able to see a difference – except in your wallet!

On the left DIY version and on the right $3.99 4 oz jar of Snow-Tex!

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Christmas Party Snowman Toss

Tomorrow is our company Christmas party and my section was assigned to coordinate the activities. I decided to create this pyramid of Snowman cups so they could toss “snowballs” at them to knock them down.

These are cute and easy to make; it was 4 years old tested and approved! 😉


  • Orange craft foam sheets
  • Black craft foam sheets
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punchers in two sizes
  • White paper cups
  • Foam craft balls

  1. Punch larger holes and glue on to cups for eyes.
  2. Cut carrot shapes in varrying sizes and glue on to cups.
  3. Punch smaller holes and rub a generous amount of glue on to the cup in a mouth shape and add the dots to shape the mouth.

I did 15 to stack them about 14 inches high.

Merry Christmas and Happy crafting! ⛄☃️