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Passion Projects: Mad Hatters Tea Party Party Package

As you may know from reading my other articles, I’m a mom to an only son and have a big desire to start my own Etsy shop making this the perfect project.  Despite my desire to sell this, I know that I have 2 audiences:  the one that likes my work and wants to make it; and the other that wants to buy it.  With that spirit in mind I will provide you with instructions for my fellow doers,

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Toy Story Aliens DIY Style for a Party Decoration

cropped-fb_img_1457811993725-e14732822401171.jpgWhen my son was turning two we watched a lot of Toy Story 1 through 3.   He was obsessed with those movies, so of course I thought it would be the perfect theme for his second birthday party. Continue reading “Toy Story Aliens DIY Style for a Party Decoration”