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Commemorative Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments

A tradition in my family has been to collect an ornament each year, but ever since I discovered my love of crafting I have been making my own.  This year my son and I did a special collaboration with him lending me his finger tips to make my snowmen.

This is a really simple and cute craft that commemorates tiny fingers for future years.  


  • Red glitter
  • Mop and Glow
  • Clear plastic or glass ornament
  • Acrylic paint – white, black, blue, and orange
  • Red wire ribbon
  1. Pour Mop and Glow into the ornament and swish around the the inside plugging the end with your finger tip; empty the excess.
  2. Pour red glitter into the bulb and plug the end with your finger tip and shake until glitter coats the entire inside; add more if needed continuing to shake.
  3. Dip finger tip into white paint and make three dots on top of each other in the shape of a snowman.
  4. Use a fine tip paint brush and dot the front with snowflakes. 
  5. Draw a black line across the top of his head for the brim of the top hat and draw an hour glass shape filling it in black for the remainder of the hat.
  6. Dot the eyes and add the buttons.
  7. Using the blue paint, draw a line across the neck of the head and then two more going downward for the tails.
  8. Draw the tree branche arms using black paint.
  9. Paint the bottom white for snow on the ground.

This may be ane of my absolute favorites this year!  Happy crafting and merry Christmas!

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Mad Tea Party Christmas Ornaments

Clean cup, clean cup, move down! 

I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours.

Off with her head!

I saw a version of these on Etsy a really long time ago and always wanted to have them because I always loved this movie as a little girl.  Now that I am a glitter ornament making diva I thought no time like the present – speaking of presents I’ll be giving them away for Christmas too.  

Maybe I will just have to make them for myself later on, but for now it’s the time of year to give and honestly it makes me feel really wonderful to give my crafts away.  I love the home made stuff, to me it shows how much you care about someone by giving them your time – anyone can make a quick meaningless purchase but home made involves customization and thoughtfulness.

These were really simple, you only need the following items:

  • Clear plastic or glass ornaments
  • Glitter – red, light blue, light green, and purple (most can be purchased at the dollar store!)
  • Mop and Glow
  • Acrylic paint – black, yellow and white
  • Fine tip artists brushes
  • Ribbon – black, green, purple, and light blue

Since they’re silhouettes they’re actually really easy and if you mess up just use a qtip to erase the mistake and try again!  You’ll be amazed at how simple they are to make, especially since the price tag on Etsy was fairly high for the amount of effort and cost of materials.  

For instructions on the glitter filling follow this link: DIY Glitter Ornaments.

Happy crafting and merry Christmas!