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Commemorative Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments

A tradition in my family has been to collect an ornament each year, but ever since I discovered my love of crafting I have been making my own.  This year my son and I did a special collaboration with him lending me his finger tips to make my snowmen.

This is a really simple and cute craft that commemorates tiny fingers for future years.  


  • Red glitter
  • Mop and Glow
  • Clear plastic or glass ornament
  • Acrylic paint – white, black, blue, and orange
  • Red wire ribbon
  1. Pour Mop and Glow into the ornament and swish around the the inside plugging the end with your finger tip; empty the excess.
  2. Pour red glitter into the bulb and plug the end with your finger tip and shake until glitter coats the entire inside; add more if needed continuing to shake.
  3. Dip finger tip into white paint and make three dots on top of each other in the shape of a snowman.
  4. Use a fine tip paint brush and dot the front with snowflakes. 
  5. Draw a black line across the top of his head for the brim of the top hat and draw an hour glass shape filling it in black for the remainder of the hat.
  6. Dot the eyes and add the buttons.
  7. Using the blue paint, draw a line across the neck of the head and then two more going downward for the tails.
  8. Draw the tree branche arms using black paint.
  9. Paint the bottom white for snow on the ground.

This may be ane of my absolute favorites this year!  Happy crafting and merry Christmas!

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Snowman Ornament with a Knit Hat

You all know how much I love the dollar store and this year I saw a cute idea for making knit hats as ornaments, but I thought it would be even cuter if you combined it with a snowman head!  I was disappointed when I went this weekend and saw there was no more foam balls, but then I realized that I could actually get the ornaments in a larger quantity and do the same thing! – a total bonus! These are so cute and easy, they’ll have you running straight to the dollar store right away!


  • Small plastic ornaments from the dollar store (or foam balls of equivalent size)
  • Snow-Tex to make it look like real snow
  • Diamond Dust for sparkle
  • Yarn
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Small bells
  • Air drying clay
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Pink acrylic paint
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Ornament hooks
  1. Start off by covering a generous layer of Snow-Tex to cover the whole ornament.
  2. Prop on toilet paper tube to dry.
  3. Cut off the end of a toilet paper tube to the desired width for the rim of your knit cap.
  4. Cut a lot of yarn at least 10 inches long.
  5. Now we simply make a loop and we put it in our little circle, completing this all the way around.
  6. After you have finished the ring, pull all the ends through the tube and tie it off with a bell on a piece of yarn.
  7. Cut off the extra length to create the pom-pom on top.
  8. Once the Snow-Tex is dry, sculpt a carrot by rolling out a cone shape from the air drying clay and rub onto the head. 
  9. Use a clay too or side of a tooth pick to make indentions to make it look like a carrot.
  10. Hot glue the hat to the head.
  11. Once dried, paint the eyes and mouth with black paint.  Add the rosey cheek color in a pink circle and paint the carrot orange.
  12. Add an ornament hook and done!

Super cute and easy! These are a great dollar store make over to wow your friends and family with a nice ornament for a Christmas present, you can even use it on the outside of present to compliment your wrapping job!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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Christmas in the Office

Two years ago we had a double “D” (desk decorating) challenge where myself and my co-workers had a contest to decorate our desk for a bragging rights as the prize.  My boss turned it into a whole event where we had a building Christmas party and allowed everyone to cast their votes – he even allowed our higher headquarters to vote via email! 

In this challenge I had an ugly desktop hutch that I had on the floor because it didn’t fit on my desk (we had old mismatch furniture) so I had the brilliant idea to transform it into a fireplace.

I used old boxes on each side to create the frame of my fireplace and then I used my white recycling bin paper to make the white”mortar” and red paper cut into rectangular bricks using a paper cutter and taped them on top.  I used cardboard tubes from a roll of wrapping paper to make logs for the fire and then cut different colored cardstock paper in the shape of flames and glued them to the inside.

After I was done I went to the dollar store and scored some stockings, poinsettia garland, nicknacks to give it the “lux” homey Christmas vibe and I painted a window on posterboard from the dollar store with a scene of Santa and reindeer to complete the scene.

This was a lot of fun and was nice to be the first place winner! Merry Christmas!

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Candy Cane Wreaths

My sister saw a friend from works wreath that she created out of candy canes, so she got infected by the crafting bug and said let’s do it!  We took a quick trip to the dollar store and grabbed some supplies.  They’re super cute and easy, we each are going to make one and even crafted one for my parents anniversary on the 21st.


  • Hot glue and gun
  • Wire ribbon
  • Regular ribbon
  • Ornament of your choice
  • Peppermints (optional)
  • Assorted candy cane size
  1. We started by creating hearts by hot gluing two candy canes facing inwards by the hook.
  2. Hot glue two sets together by gluing the flat sides together until you form a circle all the way around.
  3. Hot glue your ornament into the center.
  4. Cut small 1-2 inch strips of ribbon to hot glue around 2 candy canes for added stability.
  5. Create a bow at the top and a loop to hang the wreath on. 

    In the second one we used unwrapped (must spray with an acrylic sealant if being used on your door or  it will melt from condensation!) smally canes to create smaller hearts and added the peppermints to the arches of the hearts because my mom really loves bling and this just took it to next level.

    Nothing says Christmas like candy canes! Happy holidays and get crafting!

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    Elf on the Shelf: Uh oh, I’ve Been Caught Stealing…

    My husband caught our son stealing the Hershey kisses in our advent calendar for tomorrow and getting into the 9th too… He even looked definitely at his dad after he was told to put it down and smugly ate it instead.  I decided that we could see if his elf Tattle could teach him about sharing by giving him the opportunity to display his goodness by giving us his elf kisses that Tattle brought him.

    He’s a good boy,  I know that he’ll share them – he resisted sneaking it for the last 6 days…record for a  3.5 old! 😂😂😂

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    DIY Grinch Sculpted Ornament 

    I’ve been collecting ornaments for each year that my husband and I have been married for the last 13 years, but this year I decided to make one of my own.  I started out with Rudolph in my mind and then suddenly I turned it into the Grinch.  He looks much harder than he is to make.


    • 3 small Styrofoam floral balls found in $ store variety pack
    • Metal wire
    • Air Drying Clay loo9
    • Limerick green Acrylic Paint
    • White Acrylic Paint
    • Yellow Acrylic Paint
    • Black Acrylic Paint
    • Cricut weeding tool
    • Hot glue gun and glue
    1. Cover one Styrofoam ball adding slightly more on one end, slowly sculpting a pear/curled tear drop shape.
    2. Using the Cricut weeding tool, work in rounded snout/muzzle section working back in layers the creases in his face for his smile.
    3. Tear a small amount of clay and shape it like a tear drop and then use the weeding tool to sculpt his evil eyes using the curved side to shape the eyes.
    4. With the weeding tool create an my shape to make his nose.
    5. Cut a loop of wire and  secure through the head after adding spear shaped hair on the tip of his head.
    6. Cover to more Styrofoam balls with clay connect then together creating the torso shape.
    7. Shape arms and legs working the dough together until it is well connecting it.
    8. Set aside the pieces and allow to dry overnight or use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.
    9. Hot glue head onto the torso once dried completely.
    10. Mix lime green and white paint together to get your grinchy color and paint him.
    11. Paint the eyes yellow.  Remember that if you mess up your lines you can always fix with more green paint.
    12. Once the eyes are died, outline them with a thin layer of black and draw his lashes and eyelashes.  Contour his facial lines in black and while slightly wet go over the facial lines in green making them less severe.
    13. Draw a stubby u in each eye for his pupils.
    14. Finish with an acrylic spray.

    I hope that you have fun making these too.  Merry Christmas!

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    Poseable Elf on the Shelf, Why Not?

    So of course we all want to pose them and make our elves holding, posing, ect. so why they heck aren’t they just manufactured that way???  I spent the last 45 minutes twisting floral wire from the dollar store so it would be strong enough to shove through each limb.  

    This sounds simple, but you have to cut out the stitches from the seams on the arms and legs in order to shove it through as one piece!!  Elf makers stop the insanity and give us poseable elves!!  I would have paid extra for the convenience.  Okay end rant.  Happy posing my fellow parents and merry Christmas.

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    Elf on the Shelf North Pole Airlines:  How to Make Your Own Biplane for Your Elf

    Half of the fun of the Christmas season for my little guy is finding his little elf buddy “Tattle” mid adventure each day.  Tomorrow he will find Tattle flying North Pole Airlines on his way back from providing Santa with his daily report.  Today I will teach you how to make your own using everyday recyclables.


    • Cereal box or other cardboard box of similar thickness 
    • Paper towel tube
    • Paper straws
    • Crafting sticks
    • Metal Brad fastener
    • Hot glue gun and glue 
    • Scissors 
    • String
    • Hole punch 
    1. Cut out a wing to desired length and then traced the other to cut out.
    2. Cut support beam for wings in an hour glass shape.
    3. Cut slits in the wings close enough to your cardboard tube to be able to glue into place the supports to the sides.
    4. Cut slits into the supports to slip pieces together.
    5. Cut strips for the tail piece making slits in the center.  One on the inside edge and one on the outside as pictured below.
    6. Cut slits into the end of the tube to slide tail into place and then glue edges.
    7. Cut a hole for elf to sit in.
    8. Use your hole puncher on the end of the wings on top and bottom.
    9. Tie string from one wing to next allowing for a little slack.
    10. Measure your paper straws in the for the outer wing support and push through each hole securing with hot glue.
    11. Make a hole in the center of each crafting stick and secure with metal Brad fastener, taping the back to keep the propellers spread.
    12. Glenn onto the front of the plane.
    13. Tie string to the end of the tail of new each side and create a loop to hang the plane from.

    I hope that this helps bring magic to your little ones Christmas elf hunt too!  Merry Christmas!

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    How to Paint DIY the Grinch Who Stole Christmas Candy Dish featuring Cindy Lou Who and his Dog Max


    After making the Grinch cookie tin/bath bomb containers that I showed you last week I really had an itch to make another one that featured Cindy Lou Who. Continue reading “How to Paint DIY the Grinch Who Stole Christmas Candy Dish featuring Cindy Lou Who and his Dog Max”