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Where One Man Sees Trash, I Just See Limitless Possibilities 

Since so much of my crafting is inspired by my son and maybe the fact that since I carpool with my husband each day to and from work that I have many hours to endlessly fall through that rabbit hole that we call Pinterest each day . It’s no wonder that my first thought as I was pulling the cardboard that was stuffed inside my new running shoes instintly was that it would make an excellent snout for a crocodile named Tic Toc!  That was it, I finally decided that I could make him as a piñata and if he didn’t sell I could use him as a decoration for my son’s party next year – which this was really a win win situation.

Soon that shoe trash would transform into this guy and I’m dying to see if this becomes a success or a total flop.  Somehow I am bound and determined.  Now that I feel a new swagger from pulling off my pirate ship piñata, I am determined for Tick Tock, not Frigging Flop!

So much of my crafting has been an exploration not far from what it must’ve have been like on the first trip to the moon!  I  am thrilled each and every time that I discover that I can do something I never thought I could, that instead I keep pushing forward to find that limit that has amazed myself so many times to have only just discovered so late in my 30s!  I thought this could be a fun story to tell as I am learning as I go and in the end provide complete instructions for those of you that are much like myself- kindred spirits that feel euphoric during each passing moment when you exceed your own previously defined expectations.  As for the rest of you, just wait to see me on Etsy soon and continue reading if only for a chuckle…



Working mother with a toddler that inspired me to give crafting a try and suddenly I fell in love with the Hobby and I am determined to help others find this joy too!

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